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What are some options for a Stay at home mom to earn extra cash?

Monday, September 28th, 2009

EWWWW!! A BAAAND-AID!!! asked: I don’t have the money for a babysitter, have 3 children (ages 2,4,7). I’m not sure about Ebay, but wondering if there are some other options/ideas to earn some extra cash…
Not interested at ALL in any internet based jobs that require a “startup fee”.Image Host

What is a legit safe home based business?

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

mjruth12006 asked: I’m really interested in started a home based business, but I am afraid of getting scammed. If you know a legit business, let me know. I’ll check it out and then you may have your points.
No survey companies please.Do you like Tattoo’s ?

Do you know any good paying online jobs for free?

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

kristina asked: I just found out im pregnant, on top of that i hate my “cubical” job at chase. I need to find a job online making GOOD money to support my new family. Does anyone know of any LEGIT online jobs that i dont have to put all my money into?? [...]

How to earn extra cash working from home? Please help?

Monday, September 21st, 2009

lightingale asked: I am currently pregnant and I have a 3 year old son at home. My husband is struggling to pay bills since I have left work a couple months ago. Please let me know how I can earn extra cash working from home. I need something that I can do [...]

What Are The Most Effective Home Based Business Marketing Tools?

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Regina asked: On a limited budget, share the free and low cost tools that are most effective for growing a home based business, an online business, or a small business.
This question is not a solicitation for your home based businesses. It is a question about marketing tools and strategies that people WITH businesses can [...]

How long should I hold out hope for jobs that I applied for online>?

Monday, September 14th, 2009

pistons_one asked: I have been looking for jobs on online job sites such as Monster. I have applied to several, but have not heard anything back. About how long does it usually take employers to call after accepting applications? If it has been more than a week, should I give up hope, [...]

What is a good way for me to earn some extra cash?

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

onastring asked: Here is my dilemma: I am a full time college student. Unfortunately at this time I have to travel an hour and fifteen minutes to and from school twice a week. My total gas cost is about $50 a week. I also have to pay for gas to work full time. So, this [...]

What is the legitimacy of online video game testing jobs?

Thursday, September 10th, 2009

xWSx Logan asked: I have noticed many jobs online, where you pay an up-front fee, but I distrust that I will actually get something out of this deal. Does anyone know if these deals are real, and if so, where are the legit ones?Makeapost Blog

How can I Market My Home Based Business to groups that are interested in a second income?

Monday, September 7th, 2009

Jerome p asked: I have a home based business that I need to get in front of as many people as possible at the lowest cost preferably none. That way it can be replecated by new users.Free Adult Video’s

How do i get a job or earn extra cash?

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Hopeful One asked: im 15 which makes me just young enough to not be able to apply for most jobs! i want to work in retail (clothing stores) but most of em say im too young and i havent found one yet that hires at 15! im tired of babysitting my cousin and only getting [...]