How to start a home based business selling cookies ?

Seth W asked:

I want to start a home based business selling baked goods and I wondering how I go about it I was thinking of sitting up a kitchen in my basement (Finished) so it would be away from pets which are on the main floor. How do I go about packaging and do I need a license ? What do I need to do to get started ?

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3 Responses to “How to start a home based business selling cookies ?”

  1. Joshua R Says:

    Join the girl scouts? Just Kidding you will need a health permit. A friend is a personal chef and needed to do the same.

  2. rayt721 Says:

    It doesnt matter if you have pets or not, you need a food license (and permits and inspections and labels) … would you simply buy a food product from vendors without some form of proof of food safety, ingredients, etc??? Seriously… would you??? Get ahold of the SBA or SCORE for more information on the legality of selling food products and the need for business insurance. Stop thinking as a seller and think as a buyer!!!

  3. Martin N Says:


    When seeking starting up a home business especially from the Internet, you really need to be cautious for spams and such.

    e-mail me back if you want.

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