What is something I can sell at home to earn extra cash? Like Avon?

Rachel D asked:

I’m looking to earn a little extra money by selling something like Avon or Mary Kay. But I would like to do something besides the norm…anyone have suggestions of different companies?

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  1. Nat B Says:

    checkout my site at if your interested and motivated I’d be happy to chat with you

  2. Exceptional Escapades Says:

    What about travel? There is no inventory, no sales quotas, no parties, and no shipping costs like with the companies you mentioned. If you enjoy travel, this is the way to go.

  3. Raffy Says:

    You can be a marketing consultant of francon intl ,selling foodcart franchise with 10% commission as accredited agents/freelancer.

    We are pleased to inform you that our franchises are also available in Micro Mini Version at the very affordable price of Php38,888!
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  4. AvonKristin Says:

    Hey, a lot of new direct selling companies are starting to grow! With this economy everyone want to feel job security. Obviously I sell Avon, but there are some other really cool ones out there. just google direct selling companies to see what comes up.
    Some of the ones I know of are:
    Simpfully Tasteful – which is a company that sells food, like cake/bread mixes, seasonings, dressings & dips. You host food tasting parties and sell like that.
    Pampered Chef – which is a company that sells food utensils/cookware/kitchenware, etc. I think it’s a party hosting type of thing.
    Park Lane Jewelry – Obviously, selling jewelry lol

    Some others I heard about, that I’m not sure of the names are:
    Kids learning games & books
    Wine! Yes you would host wine tasting parties! (I though it sounded pretty cool)

    Either way, I’m obviously a little bias towards my company, but it’s all about what you think you will enjoy and be good at.
    Take things into consideration, such as start up cost, inventory, general fees, and if you personally like the product.
    Good Luck!

  5. Vicky S Says:

    you can get paid for surfing the web it doesn’t make you rich quick but you earn $1 per link you click and $10 for signing up to other links. the main site i use is

  6. M Says:

    I am a Shaklee Distributor. Great company, great benefits, and great products. 5 different ways to earn income.

    Watch this. The exec. coor. of our team created this and it explains everything!

    Then you can email me on my website at

  7. goaheadnfireme Says:

    You can sign up online with avon at youravon.com. It’s $20.00 to join and then you can have a free website for your first couple of months. That’s what I did. If you know someone who sells it, you can sign up under their name. >>>

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