Ways to earn extra cash in denver?

Tina S asked:

I live in denver and i was just wondering if there is simple ways to earn some extra cash, i know about giving blood and scraping metal but is there any other ways?

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  1. Brutus Says:

    Watch out for online scams. There are two basic types of “Work At Home” job scams on the internet. The first is the survey site. You join up and have to give them all sorts of personal information. Immediately, your mailbox is filled with spam. As hard as you try, you never get to a level where they will send you a check. You quit the site, but the spam continues.

    The second scam is joining a club or whatever that promises you endless money for a small entry fee. They are classical pyramid schemes. The only way you make any money is to dupe others into joining and you get a miniscule percentage of their entry fee. No new members, no money. That’s why you see so many of these offers here because they can’t find any more suckers.

  2. Tom Says:

    You can earn extra cash online through affiliate programs. Websites client clickbank have offer 10000 digital products that you can choose to promote. When you promote the products you get paid a percentage of the sale when someone buys through your affiliate link!

    You don’t have to deal with the customers or payments or anything like that becuase they take care of everything for you.

    If you want to know more about how to earn extra cash through affiliate programs and more you can check out the link below:

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