How do you earn extra cash around the holidays?

Me asked:

Not looking for a full on part-time job, but I just recently had to pay to repair my car using my Christmas savings. I am going to go donate plasma, but besides that, what are some other ways you earn spare cash?


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  1. EmeraldIsle Says:

    Working is they only way I know of to earn money, unless you go into something illegal and I am sure you wouldn’t want to do that.

  2. Arica K Says:

    My father plays Santa Claus (real beard and all) for local company Christmas parties and I tag along as an elf and hand out gifts to the kids. It’s alot of fun and it pays pretty well too! :-)

  3. kymm00 Says:

    Selling online. It’s a lot of work, though, but if you have things that would sell quickly and that are in demand that you wouldn’t mind getting rid of, then try eBay or set up your own small shop. The latter requires a lot more work, but if you have the spare time, then try it out– I’ve been doing it, and I’ve earned some extra $$ that I’m using to buy Christmas gifts.
    Oh, and a lot of friends I know of use to earn extra cash– some have earned over $100 [not much, but it's free!] I would join, but it’s only for those in continental U.S. states.

  4. Orion777 Says:

    Babysitter, companion for elderly, personal assistant for busy working moms, technical assistant if you are good with gadgets – I know people (over 50) who need help learning the computer, setting up ebay accounts, using new cell phones, etc.

  5. Blabbermouthknowitall Says:

    Sell your Ipod, that pair of shoes you love looking at but never got around to wearing, last years x-mas presents, anything new and lying around in your house, a collectible item, your personal creative work… you can sell air.
    I’d say selling is the best for extra cash. Do it on ebay, craigslist, kijiji… buy and resell, go to thriftstores and sell online…. sell sell sell.

  6. Cleopatra Says:

    Don’t waste your time looking for internet jobs. You’ll be bombarded with all sorts of scams. Go to the government site where you will find all sorts of private sector jobs.

  7. Razak_5775 Says:

    Sit down at one corner of super store and pretend to be blind and ask for do notion.

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