Are there any jobs online that a student can have?

Jason asked:

I’m a student, in A Levels (11th grade). Just wanted to know if there was somewhere i cud find a scam free online job, where i could type or do something online…
Is that even possible?


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  1. Pandas4me Says:

    None of those online work at home doing surveys are legit! Nothing but scams, don’t bother. You would be better off flipping burgers! This question is asked every day by at least a half dozen people, it’s unreal! Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. And if you have to pay any kind of fee, it’s a scam!

  2. charisma Says:

    There two sites that really pay you to write. This sites are not scammed.There is really opportunity on the web, you just need to look. Is not a lot what they pay,but is something.There is two website I recommend.

  3. Felt Monkey Says:

    Try this:

    It’s Amazon, so it’s official and not a scam. I know someone who does it and makes a few bob a month.

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