how will i know if it is a legitimate company offering online jobs?

mer-mer asked:

please give me some advise on how to identify if these online jobs are legitimate? Most of them, if not, all of them are asking for your credit card account.

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  1. tkahrs12122 Says:

    The legitimate ones DO NOT ask for a credit card or money.

  2. Anitha Says:

    Most of the Online Jobs are scam, choose a genuine one, don’t pay any upfront fee, try it here

  3. online jobs Says:

    try using trusted job registrar like
    above website is a registrar of many multinational online job provides which are free to join and are verified that they do pay you. as well as all online jobs listed in that site is free to join and they pay no matter where you live. for this month there is a special offer for joining jobs too. One who earn the most from jobs listed in will be rewarded 1.5 times their salary. also has a online support. they help you on earning more. support include email support and conference with other job holders as well as with their stafs.

  4. Carrie Ann Says:

    Hello Mer-mer,

    Never, ever pay to get a job! They should be pay you! There are, however, legitimate companies out there that will never ask for a fee. Use the free source below to help you find job leads.

  5. Job K Says:

    For free data entry jobs, visit the below sites.

  6. briamsadoedoe Says:

    Sadly, most are scams.. It took meforever to find a website that i actually don’t have to pay anything to get onto.. but i went here

    this website gives you money just for looking at other websites for 30 seconds lol.. you don’t have to do a survey or anything.. it’s easy money

  7. pirateatheart8 Says:

    Hey there. My general rule is if it costs money to join, its a scam. You shouldn’t have to pay money to make money. However, there are a lot of free websites where you can earn money – paid surveys, paid to sign up, etc. Most of those aren’t scams, but most won’t pay a full time income either, at least not without referrals. If you would like my list of reccommended sites, please send me an email and I’ll get it to you ASAP.

  8. whistler Says:

    You can know a site is legitimate if it offers refunds. If they charge you money and don’t have a trial period, then run away. However, there are many paid sites that are legitimate and actually are very good. They do cost money to join, but they offer you a refund if you decide to leave.

    After personally having been ripped off by some survey sites, I stumbled upon the idea of affiliate marketing. You can go to for more info on that if you are interested. I did have to pay to join, but it was worth it. You don’t have to keep paying if you aren’t happy, but after joining I was so happy I decided to stay for good. This type of work actually is WORK though, and you need to try hard. But if you actually apply yourself and do your best you should be able to make some good money. I made about $200 my first month there, and everything gets better from there on. I hope this helps. Good luck on whatever you decide to do!

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