I want to find links to places where I can get legitimate online jobs?

Rob K asked:

I know that 99 percent of online jobs turn out to be fake and just ask you for money but I was wondering if anybody knows a good site where you can work doing surveys,stuffing envelopes,ect.
If you have to pay anything than it is not a legit job. I am not going to pay anything! Thanks
to tinywire: which cash offer did you do on treasure trooper and for how much?


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  1. tiny_wires Says:


    It really does pay, I’ve gotten a few checks from them.

  2. Aubrie Says:

    Doing an online job requires a lot of work and some initial research. And yes, working from home is very easy. I can’t stress enough the importance of starting out with something you really enjoy doing yourself – if you enjoy it, you’ll be willing to put time into making it unique, which will lead to success on its own.There are actually

  3. lefty Says:

    Wassup rob, I agree with what you said. One should not pay to get paid. I’ve done surveys for some time now and created a site that has everything I know about free online surveys. It has tutorial videos, legit survey sites that have paid me along with proof of payment, and contact info if you want more guidance or have questions.

  4. prity Says:

    Hello Friend
    Genuine Part-time earning job opportunities.Sure success and 100% genuine.
    Today I Got My First payment Of Rs.4000/= From StarryIndia. This is the first payment i got from any site since last 3 years.
    Thanks to the person who informed about this site on ORKUT (I dont remember the name)

  5. rikky Says:

    Wanted Online Internet job workers. Job is only through Internet. Work part time. These are genuine Internet jobs. No Investment required. Only serious enquires please. For more details visit

  6. tyneham Says:

    No pain = no gain, but also avoid criminal charges that may follow. Here is a warning about “online jobs”. Every year, millions of people around the world look for work at home business opportunities. The simple answer is “yes”, you can work at home, but don’t turn your dreams into nightmares. Read and understand a few basic facts before you start.

    This may not be the best answer, but it would keep you out of trouble! Home or away workers and victims are hereby advised to comply with the laws and help law enforcement agencies to trace the criminals. All businesses must comply with the laws related to doing business at home, or away. Sadly, there are not many genuine work from home or Internet business opportunities. You may learn to avoid costly but useless ebooks, and earn almost nothing. So, the decision is entirely yours.

    You may like to know that according to a recent tyneham survey, there are over 15,000,000 online business opportunities in 2007. More than 99.9% of them are parasites who tell victims what they want to hear about becoming rich to retire early. So, look out for online scams, frauds and crimes. Please read, print, save and pass on this real alert to warn others before this gets deleted:

    One former home worker recently asked: “What happens to people charged with forgery thats been scammed over the internet? I was working over the internet and thought I had a great at home job but was scammed and got blamed for it”.

    Let this be a lesson to all other data entry or home workers and their recruiters. Crime is a serious offence. You may have to repay what you earned from the scams, face up to ten years in prison and/or pay big penalty/fines. More than 99.9% of the work from home schemes and plans fail to generate less than US $100 income in a month. Is that worth taking the risk? Would that make you rich?

    Internet fraud remains a growth industry for criminals. There were nearly 12 million phishing emails sent every day in 2007, trying to fool computer users into handing over sensitive personal information, username, password, bank and card details etc.

    Readers may send the following tyneham author profile/blog link to their local, professional and trade publishers and broadcasters. They may or may not decide to expose the crimes, frauds and scams. Readers may also provide these links on their own websites to help alerts potential victims. Email tyneham to help expose the crimes, fraudsters and scams.

  7. prity o Says:

    You can find it from

  8. Carrie H Says:

    There are real jobs out there, you just got to know where to look. To start getting educated about work at home jobs you need to visit message boards and read, read, read. There is tons of information there that will help you avoid scams. Next, go to which is a free site that has a directory of legitimate companies that hire home workers. Depending on your skills and experience, you should find some good leads there.

    Good luck!

  9. Gaddu Says:

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