Are there any online jobs or ways for a teen to make some money?

N.L asked:

Are there any online jobs for teens or ways for teens to make money online? Im 15 and I could really use some ways to make money. Im still kinda young to get an actual job since most places require you to be 16. And does getting paid online work? I know you have to be 18 to have a paypal account and if I get a check am I still able to cash it since Im a minor?

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  1. Judy Says:

    Anything on the internet is a scam.
    Selling stuff on ebay is your best bet.

  2. Tom M Says:

    You can fill out surveys and get good money (you may also use false info so you don’t get spammed). It’s very reliable and I made about $40 on my starting week (you get a lot more later on).
    They’ll pay you in paypal and check and if you don’t have access to it, then they can give you visa gift pre paid cards.
    Well, good luck on your money making.

  3. ? Says:

    I signed up for a company which pays in Euros and all you have to do is read emails, click on adds and refer people. The one catch that I can see is that they will only pay out once you reach 500 euros in earnings, but I don’t think that is a problem as I just joined 3 days ago and I already have 170 euros in earnings. Give it a try and see what happens, you have nothing to loose but alot to gain if it works.

    Follow this link which will take you to the sign up page and provide you with all the details.

  4. jrdw83 Says:

    Hey whats up. Yes there are many ways you can make money online. Its quite simple actually. I am 14 myself and in the last month have made an extra $400. I know it isn’t much for adults, but for teens, its good. We take all the money we can get. The website is listed below. If you need even more help, just click on my youtube link. All you have to do is complete offers. They are 100% free and legit. Here you go:

    (replace the DOT with .)

  5. Jonny B Says:

    Legally know one can create a valid contract with you because you are a minor. Your best bet is getting your parents to get you a PayPal account, if you have a bank account you can cash your own checks. I suggested the PayPal account because a lot of the money you can make online require one. A lot of minors also lie about their age and pretend that they’re older or just have their parents sign up for whatever they need. Talk to your parent they can definitely help you in this if you’re really interested in making money online.

  6. Jonny I Says:

    Ever wanted to earn money online but always got scammed by those liars who sell bad ebooks or those members who ask for money upfront and then never reply? For this only reason I want to show you a website where the owner shares all ways of making money online. Did you know that you can make money trying products or writing reviews? Then visit for more information

  7. willstrip4food Says:

    You can get paid for reading emails from advertisers. Its easy and the money actually adds up quickly. Plus you make even more if you invite your friends. Its free and they give you a $10 bonus to start with.

  8. manmohit Says:

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