Are there online jobs that pay in a form of a check at least every 2 weeks?

TaintedLove asked:

Instead of pay pal. Are there jobs online that pay by mailing you a check every 2 weeks?

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  1. kevin h Says:

    No, online jobs are scams. Real jobs in the real world pay real money. Some of them every week, some every two weeks, and some monthly. Anyways, go get a job.

  2. CHEPIBE72 Says:

    There is no such thing as working online. All the post here are just scams and you wont get money, they just want you to go to their webiste so they can accumulate hits.

  3. Job K Says:

    For free data entry jobs, visit the below sites.

  4. V.T.V.RAM Says:

    Do they pay at least once in a quarter ? .Please be careful in dealing with them !!

  5. NPO Says:

    The only type of online job that pays weekly and monthly is by collaborating with a company and have your own business within a business. Other than most all online work is paid by paypal, or they send you a check once the job is complete.
    If you’d like some ideas for online businesses that you can collaborate and work for as an Independent Representative and get paid the way your asking, or sooner here’s a blog that I know of that has a list over over half a dozen different industries to look into.

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